With the established quantity of CNC machines as well as the ability to design "CAD" and digital guidance "CAM", the company has many contracts of mechanical treatment in specific workpieces for the market.

The experienced staff along with the modern equipment, consist the solid base in which trusting relationships with customers and ensure the successful fulfillment of commitments. The applied quality system ISO-9001 as a quality assurance, is the key point that improves our reputation in the business market.



Since 2001, the company has invested and developed an absolutely innovative method for Greek data, the method of induction hardening, in order to cover such needs of industrial applications all over Greece. The investments in equipment and the expertise of our staff in this specific field, rank our company today, among the leading companies in induction hardening in the wider Balkan area.

Specifically, in collaboration with the World’s leader company in induction hardening HWG, developed the induction hardening with "open" inductors technology, beyond the already widely applied closed coils.

Nowadays 750 KWatts exist, as an installed power, as well as extensive experience in calculating, design and costruct special inductors for this application.



As the quality consists the most significant reason in our company, the modern quality control laboratory, which already has been established, contains among others, a modern mass spectrometer (SPECTROMAXX) in which we research and identifying all metals and their alloys based on Fe. Apart from using the equipment for our own needs, the company also undertakes and carry out identifications on metals in order to cover market needs in short time with competitive prices.



In collaboration with a stable network of partners and suppliers, having the knowledge for the proper selection of materials in each case, the company undertakes to repair and resurface idlers for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Stalona Vola and so on.





 Since 2011, EL.IN. SA has developed and applies a pioneering method for the Greek market removing the worn lagging from the conveyor pulleys, without machining. The new method is based on the usage of eddy current, know-how gained from abroad and has been widely developed by our company through technological partnerships with related companies as well as foreign educational institutes. Within this method, the old lagging (any type) is removing from the pulley shell by destroying the chemical bond of the adhesive with a high frequency magnetic field. This has the advantage of removing the lagging without mechanical treatment, ie without reducing the thickness of the metal shell, thereby prolonging its lifetime. In 2012, as a natural consequence of development, our company enters into an agreement with the German company REMA Tip-Top GmbH, for the training of our personnel in addition of the products supply. Over the years, the company has expanded its activities in this field, so in 2017, in cooperation with ELASTOTEC, through which it extends and develops its know-how, transferring the Australian company's expertise to the Greek market. n parallel EL.IN. SA extends, through ELASTOTEC furthermore to the Cold Vulcanised Rubber Ceramic (CVCL) laggings  to the  Direct Bond Ceramic (DBCL) laggings for the metal pulleys. For both cases, ELIN SA becomes the first in Europe area  with the honour to be ‘’Elastotec Approved Applicator’’ (Elastotec Certified Partner), obtaining, during 2018 and 2019 respectively, certifications and exclusivity for the ELASTOTEC products for the Greek market. As ELASTOTEC has developed the Hot Vulcanization (HVCL) process in rubber  and rubber-ceramic laggings , EL.IN. SA looking ahead, plans to invest in purpose to include this technology into its production into the near future.

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