The EL.IN., was established in 1982, in the area of Grevena, which is in North Greece and occupied with the construction of agricultural machinery and spare parts. The name of the company derives from its activity that in Greek means Greek PLowshares, so this name remained the same, from then up to now, in order to honor its beginning.

In 1989 modified to an S.A. company and afterwards in 1991 built a modern proprietary diggings, with the intension to expanding its production capabilities to special industrial applications.

Meanwhile, at the same time with our moving into our brand new facilities in 1991, the company expanded and invested in business market as well as in renovation of equipment, in order to improve not only the already existed product lines, but mainly to extend the wide variety of its products.

The outcome of this modernization is the establishment of cooperation since 1995 with the Public Power Company (PPC) into forged and other spare parts construction sections for the PPC’s Steam Electric Power Plants, but mostly for the mines of Lignite Centers of Ptolemaida and Megalopoli, a collaboration which constantly requires to improve the quality of our products, with the appropriate choice of high standard raw materials and continual quality controls.

Moreover, since 1998 as a prime or as a sub-contructor has been manufacturing steel forged track shoes parts for the needs of the Ministry of Defense (Certified supplier for NATO with the NCAGE code G0528).

The gradual development of the company still continues in the field of services for our customers, throughout machinery treatment of metals, but with more effort in surface heat treatment, through the Induction hardening method, initially with induction hardening in steel forged track shoes part and then in a wide variety of industrial parts for our customers.

This is the main reason why our company moving into new invention of Induction Hardening machines in order to cover the most difficult occasions of Induction Hardening of our customers’ needs.

The constant development in Induction Hardening and the difficulty of a wide variety of projects that we already have carried out with success, lead us to be unique in Greece, ensuring the desired surface heat treatment for our customers, issuing Quality Certificates from our laboratory for any case.