- Metal Analyzer SPECTROMAXx, year 2009 by Spectro, with capability of metal analysis (27 elements) to low-alloy & cast steel speciments.

- Optical device OMP(Optical Module Probe) of dimension measuring, by Renishaw MP 12 Firm, with measurements verification width ±1 mm.

- Constant based hardness device’s measurement, at the Rockwell & Brinell scale with measurement accuracy ±3 Rc.

- Portable hardness meters ΤΙΜΕ & EQUOTIP, surface hardness devices measurement, at the Rockwell- Brinell-Vickers scale.

- Magnetic device POSITEST measuring paint layer thickness.

- Portable Roughness tester TESA SWISS (Ra = 1mm)

- Electro-Magnetic Y-7 (MagnaFlux) for cracks detection

- Digital thickness measurement units, micrometers, hole measurement units, threat measurement units e.t.c.