Pondering over developments in the field of surface hardening and technological progress which has been made globally and detecting in parallel the needs of our market, we found the gap that existed in Greece in this area.

The industry in our country despite its small range, has sizeable industrial complexes such as the PPC's lignite centers, steel producing companies, cement production companies and sub-products, vessels repair companies and major mining ones.

In these industrial complexes established large-sized mechanical parts such as gears, rollers, bearing bodies ,drums, axles, bearings, etc. which because of their lack of ability for metallurgical improvement ( as surface hardening) functioned on the premises without the required technical specifications such as the harshness of operating areas, with obvious effects premature wear and high replacement costs.

In 2001 our company put into operation the first high frequency machine and the results were immediate and impressive. With the first PPC and in continuity with large scale workshops issue contracts in this sector and our company gradually developed strong relationships of trust as a technical requirement covered , that in the past was considered excessive for the Greek data.

Today at the premises of EL.ΙΝ. are installed three machines for high frequency induction hardening with total power 650 KWatts, with workpiece process ability from 0,5 Kg up to10.000 Kg and dimensional ability from 50 mm up to 6000 mm, as these machines cover the frequency range (hardening frequencies) from 4 KHz up to 400 KHz and have the appropriate size.

To fully meet the needs of the Greek market, within 2014 additional induction hardening equipment has been installed, with adjustable frequency rate from 50 to 70 KHz, so as to cover the capability of induction hardening of gears with small modules.